DA payable to employees for the quarter Feb. to April 2016 shall be 426 slab i.e. an increase of 28 slab over the current level

In terms of clause 7 of the 10th Bipartite Settlement dated 25.05.2015 and clause 3 of the Joint Note dated 25.05.2015, the rate of Dearness Allowance payable to workmen and officer employees for the quarter February to April 2016 shall be 42.60% of ‘Pay’ against 39.80% of ‘Pay’ applicable for the previous quarter. 

Central Committee Meeting of National Confederation of Bank Employees will be held on 22nd April 2016 afternoon at Hyderababad

It has been decided to hold the Central Committee Meeting of National Confederation of Bank Employees on 22nd April 2016 afternoon at Hyderababad. Notice follows. All the members of Central Committee are advised to plan thier programme accordingly.  

M. V. Murali
General Secretary, NCBE.

Govt. directed all Public Sector Banks to initiate the process of negotiations/wage revision & conclude it prior to 01.11.2017

The Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial Services vide F.No. 4/2/2/2015 -IR dated 12.01.2016 directed the Chief Executives of all Public Sector Banks to initiate the process of negotiations / next wage revision of the employees and conclude it prior to the effective date i.e. 01.11.2017.

For Govt. Letter Click http://aipnbsf.org/files/Next%20WageRrevision%20-%20Govt.%20Letter.pdf

Bonus Act Amended- Ceiling on wages revised from Rs.10000 to Rs.21000, Bonus is to be calculated as if wage was Rs.7000 p.m.

IBA vide HR & Industrial Relations letter no. CIR/HR&IR/KSC/O/2015-16/1940 dated 14.01.2016 informed the member banks that vide Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, Gazaette Notification dated 01.01.2016, effecting from the accounting year 2014-15 the Bonus Act has been amended as under:

1. For the purpose of defining an employee under the Bonus Act, The ceiling on salary/wages has been revised from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.21,000/- per mensem 

2. Bonus is to be calculated as if the salary/wages was Rs. 7,000/- per mensem instead of earlier Rs. 3,500/-.

         For Gazettte Notification Click http://aipnbsf.org/files/Gazette%20Notification%20on%20Bonus%20Act.jpg

         For IBA Letter Click http://aipnbsf.org/files/IBA%20Letter%20on%20Bonus%20Act.pdf            

In National General Council held at Agra on 9-10 Jan., D.P.Verma & R.K.Sharma elected as President & Gen. Secretary respectively

National General Council of the Federation was held on 9th & 10th January 2016 at 'Maharaja Agrasen Bhawan', Loha Mandi, Agra. The Inaugural Session of the National General Council was inaugurated by Dr. Ram Shankar Katheria, Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India on 9th January 2016 which was addressed by many national leaders of NCBE Com. Vinil Kr. Saxena, Com. Sanjeev Kr. Bandlish, Com. Milind Nadkarni, Com. S.D. Mishra etc. The Delegate Session was held on 10th January 2016 at the same venue wherein Com. D.P.Verma and Com. R.K.Sharma were elected as President and General Secretary of the Federation respectively.