We call upon all our members to donate their one day wage by encashing their P/Leave to help the flood affected people of Kerala

The details of the aftermath of the devastating flood that rocked the Kerala are pouring in causing alarming concern about the loss of life and property, grief and suffering of the fellow citizens from the affected areas. Hundreds of people have lost their lives; many have been separated from their near and dear ones. This national calamity is unprecedented in its devastation. This is an hour when every patriotic citizen shall not only express his concern but to do his bit to provide succour and relief to the suffering of the needy. It is in this tragic background that we should demonstrate our solidarity with the families which have been suffered. All of us share in the grief of those who have been adversely affected. Even if we wish to personally help the victims cope with the crisis, limitations of time and difficult locations make this task seem prohibitive. The Government, NDRF and the security forces are doing their best in saving the lives and providing foods to the victims of the calamity. The need of the hour is to offer solace to the bereaved survivors and to the families who lost their near and dear ones. We can reach to them through our prayers. We call upon all our members to donate at least their one day wage by en-cashing their Privilege Leave and remit the same to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, to help the affected people. We are confident that our comrades shall rise to the occasion and donate for this novel cause.